What’s the day look like?

The culture of our school will be that we are all one community. Each week we will have a community group time. Community time will consist of sharing and recognition.

Daily schedules will incorporate the following:

  • Homeroom – Every morning and afternoon students will go to the same homeroom teacher. Preview of the day and a mindfulness (regulation) activity will be provided each morning. Afternoon will consist of sharing and organizing.
  • Deep dives – extend on their passion for a topic, discovery or activity
  • Flexible recess – recess no set time, will vary on the needs of the student
  • Exploration – time to explore specific type of learning such as art, computer, etc.
  • Integrated Learning Time – classroom instruction
  • Personal Learning Time – individual instruction
  • Social Learning Time – individual or group instruction to teach communication and  social skills needed to work as part of a group and be a member of the community
  • Movement – exploration and development of physically active skills
  • Snacks/drinks/conversation spaces available