The Treffert Way is a school of optional enrollment for all students, inclusively designed to provide diverse learners with an appropriately matched educational environment that will invite them to explore and recognize their potential for life success.

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Our foundation is built upon the six pillars of the Treffert Approach. 

  1. Accurate Assessment:  We recognize each student for who they are, supporting them with an individualized, comprehensive educational experience developed by our multi-disciplinary team of educators and the student.
  2. Strength-Based and Learner-Centered:  We hold the core belief that all students have strengths and talentsOur aim is to build upon each student’s skills and interests by assisting them in developing goals to reach their potential. We support learners in developing new skills and participating in developmentally appropriate activities across environments.  
  3. Natural Environment:  We utilize everyday events to cultivate authentic growth opportunities for our learners both academically and socially/emotionally. 
  4. Nurturing Relationship:  Building healthy and strong relationships is at the foundation of all we do.  Consideration of past and present relationships leads us to taking a trauma-informed approach to generate authentic and mutually respectful relationships 
  5. Sensory Aware:Sensory Aware: We identify and understand differences in how the world is experienced, perceived and processed. We support individuals in learning strategies to assist them in interacting with others and their environment successfully.  This includes opportunities to learn and practice empathy, resilience, self-regulation and build environmental awareness.
  6. SystemsWe understand the best outcomes occur when we invest in relationships with learners, staff, families, and community partners and when we listen, learn and work together to achieve shared goals.  

Our community-engaged school offers a safe learning environment where students are taught social-emotional skills, self-regulation, and empathy based on their individualized learning plan (TAP – Treffert Approach Plan). Our goal is that through their educational experience our students will tap into their full potential to become life-long learners and actively thrive in their communities.